Henk Diepbrink started his network-marketing career in 1992. He went from a position of no time and no money to a position of time and money. He went from working endless hours and struggling for money while in the police force in Amsterdam (his native country) to creating a multi million profit making fortune where he can live luxuriously and enjoy every minute of the day freely as he wishes.

Henk Diepbrink is one of the most successful network marketing professionals in Europe. He has achieved the top position in three different network companies and has trained tens of thousands of people from all around the world. Single handedly, he developed a proven system for building large scale organizations by paying attention to what works, while maintaining and amplifying his network marketing business. Using his success in network marketing, Henk Diepbrink is a Worldwide Business Magnate, author, public speaker, real estate investor, coached by a Rich Dad Company, private equity investor, coaching many Senior Management Teams, an expert in Blockchain and Crypto Currency and an expert in Monetary History and Financial/Asset cycles. (This was the reason he was interviewed for the Netflix Documentary 'Who want to be Bitcoin Millionaire?') as well an expert in Gold and Silver investing.

Today, Henk Diepbrink lives in glamorous Monaco, drives his Ferrari, travels leisurely worldwide, and enjoys his time on his yacht. His passion in life is to help everyone achieve what he has achieved, as they start their journey to material and spiritual freedom. Not only a direct and focused businessman, Henk Diepbrink is also an avid believer of meditation, spirituality and most importantly humanitarian efforts to better our world. During one of his many visits to India, he decided to build his foundation for the children of India. He is extremely passionate about this project. His willingness to inspire and help anyone in his path radiates through his daily encounter of people, strangers and friends alike.

His inspiration to write a book was due to the overwhelming requests of others to share his keen sense of business along with his spiritual philosophies on life. People are inspired by Henk not only due to his unsurmounted level of monetary success, but by his tenacity, charm and wonderful giving heart. His extravagant lifestyle, socialite status and outspoken manner is an automatic attention getter, however, his marking and lasting impression is the high level of life accomplishments along with his humility. This is apparent by the people that have either personally met him, attended his infamous speeches on network marketing deals, and/or already read his book and recommended to others.

Henk Diepbrink has attained what all of us wish to achieve. As he frequently states: "Your life is Gods gift to you. What you make out of your life is your gift to God. My mission in life is to travel around the world, meet and inspire people to consciously create their own lives."

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